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This past weekend my a cappella group VERVE Collective had a gig for a private party. It was held at a house (OK, more like a mansion) in the beautiful Kerrisdale area, and most of the guests were musicians – both casual and professional. And man, the house was packed! I have to say, it’s […]

Last night was a great, great rehearsal. I rehearse with my a cappella group (VERVE Collective) Wednesday nights, and like anything, we have our ups and downs. Last night was a huge UP! We have a lot of music, and have just recently got ourselves off-book for a big chunk of our new stuff. I […]

You’ve been asking, and here it is! Shaw Multicultural Channel presents a special program showcasing the winners of the MIGHTY ASIAN MOVIEMAKING MARATHON 2005 – 2007! Tune in to see provocative and creative 10-minute local films produced by teams of filmmakers during each year’s competition. WHEN: Sunday, Nov 2, 2008 TIME: 9:00pm – 11:00pm WHERE: […]

When we had the “Peaches” wrap party a couple weeks ago, besides everyone getting a DVD copy of the movie, our director and team leader, Pat, had another surprise for us. He gave us all posters of the movie! This is the first time I’ve received a poster of a movie I’ve done and I […]

On Friday I had an audition for a principal role in a feature film, which was a project “on Deferral”. I was excited to do the audition for a couple of reasons, one being that I got to be seen by the casting director who I haven’t been in front of in almost 2 years! […]

I feel so fortunate for knowing the people I know. Last night was the wrap party for “Peaches”, a short film made by Team Always Further for this year’s Mighty Asian Moviemaking Marathon. I have worked with most of these guys for the past three years for this contest (and have worked on stage with […]

Last night was the screening and awards gala for the Mighty Asian Moviemaking Marathon (MAMM) 2008 contest. As always, our team got dressed up – our theme this year was comic book-y, with hats with brims, with PINK as the accent colour. Surprisingly, Jak and I were the first to arrive, but it was so […]