Fan-friggin’-tastic rehearsal


Last night was a great, great rehearsal. I rehearse with my a cappella group (VERVE Collective) Wednesday nights, and like anything, we have our ups and downs. Last night was a huge UP! We have a lot of music, and have just recently got ourselves off-book for a big chunk of our new stuff. I find it’s sometimes hard to create a good sound and vibe as we’re learning, because we’re all so focused on our own parts that it’s hard to listen outside of that to hear the group as a whole. But last night everything we’ve been working so hard on seemed to just click into place. Our parts are pretty solid now, and we all seemed to be really listening to each other and coming together. Even our tempos were more in sync than they have been in the past, and I noticed that we all got into the groove of things. Not only that, but we started really enjoying the music while we sang. There were a lot of high-fives, huge smiles, fist pumps, and cheer last night.

Singing, rehearsing, performing… it all invigorates me. And after such a great rehearsal, I was on quite a high for the rest of the night.


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