Singing for a house FULL of musicians a little nerve-wracking, but SO fulfilling!


This past weekend my a cappella group VERVE Collective had a gig for a private party. It was held at a house (OK, more like a mansion) in the beautiful Kerrisdale area, and most of the guests were musicians – both casual and professional. And man, the house was packed! I have to say, it’s a little unnerving to perform in an intimate manner such as a house party (as opposed to singing on stage, where you’re separated from your audience), especially when those who are watching and listening are those in the music biz. But on the other hand, WOW, were they ever a fantastic audience.

We had so much fun singing and performing for them. When it came time for our last song, there were actually cries of, “No, no! Keep going!! More!” It’s a good thing we had planned on a just-in-case encore song.

After we had completed our set, we received immediate feedback from the party guests. Again, knowing that almost all of these people were somehow involved in the music industry was a little nerve-wracking, but I guess we must have done good, because their comments and praise were above and beyond anything we had expected. I think I received one of my highest performance compliments that night, when a woman asked me where I had trained (vocally). When I answered that I haven’t had any training, and that my experience has come from performing itself, she seemed surprised and went on to say how impressed she was with my vocals – from the control to the not pushing it to get the sound out, to the actual sound quality, etc… man, I was floating afterwards from our conversation. Like everyone, I sometimes get in moods where I doubt myself as a singer, actor, performer, whatever, so to hear this kind of feedback from someone in the know really makes my day. Heck, it makes my week! My month! My year!  😀


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