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On Friday I had an audition for a principal role in a feature film, which was a project “on Deferral”. I was excited to do the audition for a couple of reasons, one being that I got to be seen by the casting director who I haven’t been in front of in almost 2 years! […]

I feel so fortunate for knowing the people I know. Last night was the wrap party for “Peaches”, a short film made by Team Always Further for this year’s Mighty Asian Moviemaking Marathon. I have worked with most of these guys for the past three years for this contest (and have worked on stage with […]

Last night was the screening and awards gala for the Mighty Asian Moviemaking Marathon (MAMM) 2008 contest. As always, our team got dressed up – our theme this year was comic book-y, with hats with brims, with PINK as the accent colour. Surprisingly, Jak and I were the first to arrive, but it was so […]

Last night was great! It started with a call in the afternoon from my agent – I have an audition for tomorrow, and I’m to wear a lab coat (since I will be playing a scientist). These sorts of wardrobe calls always get me in a bit of a fluster because I don’t have the […]